May 27th & 28th, 2023 – Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday, May 27th

10:00 am         Poker Walk For Adults $1.00

                        Gem Mine Demo @ Gem Mine

11:00am          Pool Opens

Noon               National Anthem followed by Golf Cart Parade

2:00 pm           GaGa Ball Tournament @ playground

3:00 pm           Parachute Fun – Meet @ Playground

4:00 pm           Tye Dye ($) @ Rec Hall

                        Adult Swim 4pm – 5pm

8:00 pm           GLOWSTICK PARADE – @ Rec Hall

Sunday, May 28th

10:00 am         Poker Walk For adults. $1.00

                        Gem Mine Demo @ Gem Mine

11:00 am         Meet Checkers @ the office.  Bring your camera for a picture with him!

1:00 pm           Chocolate Slip ‘n Slide – Hill behind the Rec Hall

2:00 pm           “Holy” Board Tournament – It’s kinda like washers and kinda like cornhole. Men and Ladies welcome ($) Sign up by Noon.

4:00 pm           Color Time Craft ($)

                        Adult Swim 4pm – 5pm

7:00 pm           Adult Bingo @ the Rec Hall

Don’t forget the Gem Mine.  Purchase your bags at the office.

All activities subject to change with or without notice.

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